Time off!

Wow, I finally come across to post a short message but anyway, tomorrow, my husband and I were going to Reno for their Rib Cook Off Festival till Saturday then we’re flying to Hongkong on Saturday night for 2 days then afterwards we’re flying again from Hongkong to Bangkok – (for 4 days) it’s a long flight but I’m sure this is going to be fun for both of us, since we need a break but I keep you posted till Sept 11 – I’ll be right back! Take care and have a nice weekend to all of you!

Love you all!



It’s been a long day and I finally realize “thanks to some of my fellow Bloggers for reminders” that I never keep updated my blog for almost a month now but I’ll make up this time.

Today is the greatest, exciting BIG event that I am officially a U.S. Citizen. At some point I feel so distressed and unsure about my application because of the long period of time waiting to grant my application for Naturalization and so today, was one of the happiest moments of my life to be one of the 150 people, in 44 Nations to be naturalized and become a U.S. Citizen. What a great honor, privilege and of course a great life ahead of me after all the hardworks and patient, it pays off! I’m so relieve and very much happy!

So tomorrow night, some friends will join us for a special dinner to celebrate so cheers!

Have a great weekend and love yah!